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Helga Schwarten, Artist


DSCN0339 (2)
Middlefork Path - The Clouds
Middlefork Path - The Whites
Middlefork Path - The Flowers
Middlefork Path - The Yellows
Middlefork Path - Flowers Along Side
Middlefork Path - September
Collection of Small Works
DSCN9995 (2)
DSCN7767 (2)
The Beachcomber
DSCN7764 (3)
DSCN7765 (2)
Blue Sky Beach
Colors of the Sunset
DSCN7768 (2)
After the Storm
Footprints on Seabrook
Seabrook Surf
Seabrook Tide
Mournful Tidal Ribbons
Middlefork Skies
Potted Pansies
Pansies in the Red
The Path
Walking Middlefork
Corner of my Peaceful Meadow
Feelings - a Journey
Accomplishment Bouquet
The Beach
Rock Sitting with Dennis
Backcountry Road
Fallen Leaves
Rainy Days and Mondays
Flower Breezes
Mixing Daisies
In Need of Fluids
Potted Burst of Color
Small Assortments
DSCN0437 (2) (1)
In The Park
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